The only certainty in life
is change

The greatest change in our lives is the new power of users. All our work is built on exceptional insight into their changing emotions and needs. We must understand change and embrace it. Successful brand consulting is about people and collaboration. We work together with our clients to forge insight and discover new opportunities that can transform brands and businesses.

The Informed Consumer
Concept Lab
Research & analysis
Trends & forecasting
Brand consulting
Collaborative consulting & co-creation



Innovation and transformation
for forward-looking businesses

Modern businesses need to adapt to change. Change can be an evolution or a radical leap forward. It can be rapid but it must always be effective. You need sound strategy to know where to concentrate your efforts in complex, fragmented markets. We use service design methodologies and our expertise covers all sectors and marketing disciplines. Our ultimate goal is to help you deliver sustainable value and growth.

Brand strategy
Portfolio strategy
Design strategy
Service concepts



Creative thinking,
beautifully realized

We believe that great design needs insight and strategy to drive it, regardless of technology, channel or context. Sometimes our solutions are simple. Sometimes they are multifaceted, complex. Realization can be verbal or visual, digital or physical. We create award-winning design that transforms the user experience and changes behaviour.

Visual identity
Digital design
Retail design & interiors
Packaging design
Brand communication

Unique tools
and processes


Kuudes Concept Lab

Fast results through insight and intensive co-design

Do you want to get fast insight, fast results and make better business decisions? Kuudes Concept Lab is a powerful and inspiring co-design model that condenses what usually takes months of development into a 30-hour process. We rapidly iterate and visualise ideas and make initial target group validations with fieldwork. The Concept Lab model is ideal for prioritising opportunities, creating differentiated product ideas, and for strategic service renewal.


The Informed Consumer

Remarkable Nordic consumer insight

In 2008 we started to systematically research consumer motives, needs and trends to get advanced understanding of changing behaviour. Our research grew into The Informed Consumer. Our annually published research is wide-ranging, unique, and now covers Finland and Sweden. The Informed Consumer research is exclusively available to Kuudes clients.

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Trend Safari

Discover trends disrupting your business

In our Trend Safari format, we guide our clients on a customised, inspirational tour of Stockholm to see recent trends and concepts relevant to their field of business. We identify why changes are taking place, in addition to where they are occurring. All Trend Safaris are tailored to meet the specific needs and wishes of the client. Food trends, fashion, retail – you name it. If you want to inspire your team to find new opportunities to serve your customers better, look no further.

For more information email Åsa Samuelsson


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Brand Camp

Quickly putting words into action

A good brand strategy means nothing if it cannot be transformed into everyday actions. Brand Camp is an inspiring coaching course featuring contact training and additional tasks to help teams develop their projects on the basis of feedback and learn to utilise service design tools in their work. The coaching course is for a total of five teams of three to eight members who pitch their projects to a wider audience at the final gala. Brand Camp shapes development projects that are already underway, making them more user-oriented and better integrated into the brand.

For more information email Susanna Ollila Watch the Helsinki Brand Camp video