PENTIK RETAIL CONCEPT – Interior design, graphic design

Nature by Pentik

PENTIK RETAIL CONCEPT – Interior design, graphic design

Nature by Pentik


The business target

The goal was to strategically refine the product selection and develop a store concept that would align with our new focus areas and a more refined product selection. This concept needed to be replicable across different stores while being cost-effective to implement. The store should effectively convey the brand’s story across various communication levels.



Made in Posio

Pentik’s own factory, Posio, is a rarity that few brands possess today. All ceramics and the vast majority of candles are still proudly made in Finland, reflecting the company’s motto, “Made in Posio,” which is also prominently featured in our stores.

Our solution

Our idea is centered around clarifying the concept of “Made in Posio.” The stores serve as experiential spaces where visitors can immerse themselves in the brand’s narrative. Posio’s factory creates the impression of a studio, where the art of handcrafting and the manufacturing process are on full display. The lush environment narrates the origins of our products and the story of Pentik. Handcraftsmanship, creativity, and Finnish heritage are core values that we aim to highlight in the store concept.

A harmonies framework

The neutral tones of the main store furniture offer a neutral backdrop for the rich colurs and textures of the Pentik products forming a harmonious whole alongside the special display fruniture.

Nature by Pentik

Thoughtful elements from nordic nature highlight the values ​​and aesthetics of Pentik in the store space.

Creative, unique, personal

Bringing the ‘Made in Posio’ idea into the store concept as an experience through furniture, materials and communication.

Material palette


Facade example for a brick-and-mortar store

Store communication levels












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Interior images by Okko Sorma.