We transform businesses 
with a sixth sense

In this mass of data around us, we believe in finding insights. Understanding the gap between human values and behaviour is the foundation for the business opportunities we map, and the successful concepts we create. Our 6th sense is a combination of in-depth research, well-trained intuition, and experience from hundreds of client projects.

  • Offices in Helsinki and Stockholm
  • Founded in 2004
  • Home to 40 creative professionals
  • Pioneer in insight-driven design through studies in Finland, Sweden and China
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What we do

Strategy & Innovation

With our in-depth customer insights and business design capabilities, we create winning strategies and innovate product and service concepts.

Brand/Design/Digital Strategies
Product/Service/Retail Concepts


Identity & Design

We commercialize and communicate concepts through cross-channel design for digital, packaging, interiors and more.

Corporate/Brand/Visual Identities
Digital/Packaging/Retail Design

How we do it

1. We identify and bridge opportunity gaps

People often say one thing and then do another. As consumers, our purchasing behaviour does not necessarily match our identity and values. We would love to support local and organic, for instance, but our shopping carts may indicate the opposite. It may be that we lack the time and resources to find alternatives, or it may be that none are available. Understanding and bridging this gap represents a massive business opportunity.

Our tool for this is the Informed Consumer. For over a decade, we have studied consumer behaviour and created in-depth profiles of Finnish and Swedish consumers. With this unique and constantly refreshed data, our clients get to know their customers even better – gaining a true competitive advantage.

Read more about the Informed Consumer


Kuudes worked with Arla to establish if they should enter into baby foods. The result: Arla Baby & Me, loved by parents from Denmark to China.

Kuudes work for Alko: a concept for 350+ stores

2. Digital or physical – we create impact where it’s needed

We are a team of 40 creative professionals: from insight specialists to interior architects, and brand strategists to digital designers. Our multidisciplinary competencies allow us to deliver your brand experience seamlessly across all touchpoints.

As a cross-functional team, we use service design methods and a collaborative approach in everything we do. For us, service design is not just another discipline – it’s in our DNA. Our strategic know-how and design thinking have proven to be a winning combination for our clients time and time again.

Get to know our people

3. We are proudly Nordic with a global mindset

Originally from Finland, we are now one team in two locations: Helsinki & Stockholm. We work a lot with challenger brands that want to grow and go global. They work with us because we can distil their concept and position on the market, and help them to precisely communicate their value through world-class design.

We love to build teams with people from different cultural and professional backgrounds, making sure we create something that really stands out.

Have a look at our work

Kuudes Hall of Fame

ADCE Awards / Gold: Olafur Eliasson exhibition book
ADCE Awards / Silver: Duddjot exhibition publication
Dieline Awards / Silver: 3 Friends identity
Aiga Cased: Saastamoinen Foundation
Pentawards / Bronze: BOY Herring
Red Dot Best of the Best: Vuoden Huiput XV,
Arla Baby & Me
Red Dot: Tatsuo Miyajima: Sky of Time,
Duddjot exhibiton catalogue,
3 Kaveria identity,
Pohjolan Voima publication,
Olafur Eliasson Exhibition identity,
Fazer Cookies,
Arla Lempi,
EMMA Touch,
Arla Luonto+,
The Finnish Food Culture development program, Saastamoinen Foundation,
Helsinki Business Hub
Vuoden Huiput / Gold: Duddjot exhibition identity,
Hive Helsinki identity,
Olafur Eliasson exhibition book,
Service & retail design for Suomalainen Kirjakauppa
Vuoden Huiput / Silver: Helsinki Pride identity,
Duddjot exhibition book,
Alko packaging,
Pohjolan Voima publication,
Olafur Eliasson exhibition identity,
Alko Töölöntori,
BOY Herring,
Arla Luonto+,
Right Left Down Tap, 20+12 Design stories from Helsinki, Helsinki City Library service concept
Vuoden Huiput / Special prize: EMMA Touch catalogue
Grand One / Honorary Award: Hive Helsinki
Fennia Prize: Hive Helsinki (Honourable Mention),
Helsinki City Library service concept
Graphis 100 Best Annual Reports / Gold: State Treasury's Annual Review Effie Award / Bronze: Hive Helsinki
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