Amos Rex Shop

Retail design to deepen the museum experience

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The art of retail

A world-class museum deserves a world-class museum shop. Since 2018, the Helsinki-based Amos Rex has offered a string of crowd-pleasing exhibitions that redefine the idea of an art museum. To further deepen their brand experience, we designed an inspiring concept store – the perfect ending for your museum visit.

The new space acts as a gateway between the functionalist 1930s Lasipalatsi and the ultra-modern underground museum architecture. It lives and breathes with the museum as the atmosphere of the store dynamically changes to accentuate the current exhibition. For a smoother visitor flow and overall rhythm, we divided the long hallway space into sections that invite to explore: a cosy book corner for the bookworms, a magical selfie wall for the influencers and of course some sofas for those who enjoy their art with time and tranquillity.

→  Retail concept
→  Interior design
→  Wayfinding
→  Graphic design

Floor plan sketch



The overall design includes subtle nods to the surrounding museum. The interplay of warm wood and cold metals remind you of the contrast between the two architectural styles. The corrugated glass and soft drapery imitate the same ripple effect you find in the Amos Rex logo and brand identity. Custom-made shop fittings and pulsating neon tubes give the finishing touch for this one-of-a-kind retail space.

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Account Director