Multi-functional ticket office 

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The new tracks of ticket booking

Travel booking has largely moved online. As part of a comprehensive transformation, the Finnish state-owned railway company VR needed to rethink their on-site ticket sales. The new concept required more from their staff, encouraging them to mingle amongst the customers rather than sit tight behind their counters.

Climate change sparks us to seek experiences at close range. Short-distance travel, especially by rail, is now more relevant than ever. Our mission was to design a flagship service point, where functionality and inspiration meet. We decided to bring the peace of the Finnish nature to the heat of the city.

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Have a pleasant journey – already before boarding the train

We opted for an overall light and cosy atmosphere together with some playfulness. A bright nuance of VR’s signature green was reserved for signage and communication. Wood was the natural choice for the entire design language, with leather, grey tones and a calmer, darker hue of green tying it all together.

Elements from railways, e.g. speed and rail tracks, appear as striped patterns on lamellas and grooves in the benches and the service counter. Particular attention was paid to technology and the roof by renewing the entire suspended ceiling and steel frames. With indirect lighting, the service point was brought to life, setting just the right atmosphere to begin a pleasant journey.

At the Tampere railway station, we needed to determine how to divide the space without compromising on customer experience – even when the personal service is closed. A folding glass wall, seating, a lockable customer service point, and ticket machines were strategically placed to provide enough room to do business during and after business hours.

Inspired to explore your homeland

Each detail – be it a piece of furniture or a projected panoramic window – inspires us to see our country as a land of endless travel opportunities. The interactive map – including illustrations by Sanna Mander – lets customers browse the many Finnish destinations well worth a visit. From now on, the adventure starts from the purchase of the ticket.






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