Here at Kuudes, everything begins with understanding the customer.

With the help of research, we can work together to create meaningful concepts for your customers based on in-depth understanding.

In order to design genuinely interesting services, products, and concepts, we must first understand what is relevant to different people, what kind of everyday lives consumer groups live, and, above all, what kind of everyday life they dream of. The core of our work is to identify these, often subconscious, needs, desires, and dreams.

For us, research itself is not the be-all-end-all. What matters is what is done with the information. Our multidisciplinary team brings customer understanding to help you strategically develop your business in ways that are visually appealing and illustrative.

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1. Foresight and forecasting

No one lives in a vacuum. On the contrary, human activities are forcibly affected by things around them, social movements, and the flow of trends. At Kuudes, we do systematic foresight work and study current phenomena to understand changes in both the world and our customers’ environment. We search for the following things for example:

  • What changes are taking place in the company’s operating environment?
  • What trends drive people’s behaviour?
  • What will the everyday needs of the different target groups look like in two, five, or ten years?


Read more about our strategic foresight model Kuudes Next

2. In-depth customer understanding and data collection

Our passion is to understand people’s daily lives, behaviors, guiding values, beliefs, and dreams. Curiosity and empathy guide our work, in which we open-mindedly combine research methods and gather information appropriately and pragmatically. You can turn to us on for example these issues:

  • Are our business decisions and solutions the right ones regarding our target group?
  • How could our products or services streamline or enrich people’s daily lives? What kind of problems can we offer solutions to?
  • What kind of target group should we address? And what are our current customers really like?


3. Participatory research and validation

No one actually enjoys showing work in progress. However, we believe in its power. In order to reach a result that truly appeals to the chosen target group, we involve customers and end-users in various stages of the design project in accordance with design thinking. This is how we get answers on the following questions:

  • Is the idea understandable to the target group?
  • What feelings do your brand’s visuals evoke?
  • Is the planned packaging genuinely practical? Does it serve its purpose in everyday life?
  • Does the product or service fit into your brand’s portfolio?

Examples of our research toolbox

Qualitative research

 Focus group interviews and co-creation
→ In-depth interviews
→ Narrative methods
→ Contextual observation, ethnography
→ Online communities
→ Videography 

Quantitative research 

→ Target group segmentations
→ Idea tests
→ Concept validation
→ A/B testing 


Kuudes Next foresight model
→ Futures table and scenario work 
→ Delfoi expert panels and future dialogue
→ Innovation platforms
→ Trend safari 

The Informed Consumer

The cornerstone of our customer understanding work is the Informed Consumer study, which we have been conducting for more than a decade. The Informed Consumer is an extensive, academically peer-reviewed research project that offers a thorough perspective on the Finnish and Swedish consumer fields. We update our research regularly to stay on the pulse of consumers – even during exceptional times.


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