Do you know
what your customers will think in five years?

We believe the key to future success comes from understanding people. Anticipating future opportunities is possible only if you also understand past trends.

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Kuudes Next is our strategic foresight model that…

  • Helps to envision scenarios and consumer trends and the business opportunities they offer
  • Nurtures creative thinking and provides future visions built on thorough groundwork to tighten up strategy work and business development
  • Helps to ensure that innovations now being developed are still relevant in the years to come

Kuudes Next is built on thorough groundwork

In our extensive foresight study, we have identified the most significant forces for change in the near future. We constantly update and validate our research together with top experts in various fields.​ 
 kuudes next insightIn-depth understanding of target groups

Research-based segmentation of Nordic consumers for more than 10 years

kuudes next insight
Phenomenon and trend mapping

Mapping of prevaling phenomena and global trends, as well as silent signals and wild cards

kuudes next insightFuture matrixes

Creating scenarios and alternative futures for different target groups

kuudes next expertsExpert panel

A view validated by experts representing various fields – from futurology, to retail, strategy, and well-being

Our six forces of changeThe most important trends you should consider in your future strategy

Want to dive deeper into the six forces of change? — Download our guide to the most relevant and important megatrends that you should consider in your future strategy already today.

Why should Kuudes be your foresight partner?

  1. Our long experience in researching consumer behavior and customer-driven concept development provides us with excellent qualifications for identifying relevant trends in your business
  2. With the help of our experienced facilitators and our agile co-creation process, you will effortlessly realize and develop foresight and innovation capabilities within your organization
  3. We turn scenarios into inspiring visions of the future with the help of our talented visual designers, interior designers and digital designers

Let’s build a forecasting model fit for your needs

Our Kuudes Next model will help you build alternative futures over a period of 3–5 years. You can choose an approach that best suits your needs – we will tailor the final package together based on your goals.

Jari Danielsson

CEO, Kuudes Nordic

+358 40 730 9612

Saara Järvinen

Senior Insight Strategist

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