Post-materialism & meaningfulness


The story of what is meaningful and desirable is being re-written now.

The continuous demand for something better is being replaced by a yearning for purpose – something that prevails longer and defines us and our relationship to the world itself in a more profound way.
This search goes beyond the material and shapes our thoughts about social life, too. Instead of multiple contacts, we seek for connection and belonging, a sense of shared values and actions.

How has this trend evolved: From consuming to experiencing, from experiencing to making

2016 — A time for meaningful experience

People are awakening to the unsustainability of our materialistic lifestyle and becoming more critical towards conspicuous consumption. Instead of physical possessions we lean further towards collecting peak experiences.

2021 — Quiet revolution of values

The Covid-19 pandemic put the world on lockdown. Tucked away in our homes and restricted from typical social activities, we were forced to take a close look at our values. This was a time to focus on what truly matters and for many it became the launch pad of major life changes.

2026 — Redefining how to be human

In order to escape the void of meaninglessness, we have to redefine what it means to lead a good life and find fulfilment in ways that are deeply humane. We want to make things, even concretely with our hands, and we want to influence in ways that have a lasting effect.


“Health and fulfilment, the feeling of purpose. Being a part of something. Not detached and separate. Being woven into a community brings views of purpose into life. That is future.”

– Arto O. Salonen, adjunct professor

“72% of Finns hope that after the Covid-19 pandemic, they will see significant change in the state of the world, and that everything will not return to the way it was before the global crisis.”

The Informed Consumer 2019, Kuudes

How does this trend manifest itself?

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Our perception of time really has changed over the past couple of years. People have finally realized the importance and value of their free time. Consumers are now looking for a good return on their time investment and as a brand, you need to prove your worthiness.

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AI, robotics, automation.. The way the next generations to come work will look immensely different from our reality today. It is highly likely that the jobs available in 2030 don’t even exist yet. But what kind of skills do individuals need to future-proof their work life? And what kind of a role do companies play in all of this?

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kuudes what's next creativityWhat’s Next: Building communities with creativity

The story of what is meaningful and desirable is being re-written now. We yearn for purpose and seek a sense connection and belonging. The most innovative brands are now harnessing the creativity of their customers to build communities and design future-proof products and services.

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