Focus this month: Post-materialism & meaningfulness

I know, I know. You are probably sick of hearing about work-life balance, how the pandemic affected it, and how people have finally realized the importance and value of their free time. But regardless, the truth is that our perception of time really has changed over the past couple of years. Consumers are now looking for a good return on their time investment and as a brand, you need to prove your worthiness.

Why now?

The not-so-distant memories of the lockdown era, and even the effects of the war in Ukraine on our daily lives right now, act as constant reminders that we do not have infinite amounts of time, and that we should use the time we have consciously to do what matters most to us. The search for meaningfulness is everywhere: it defines our relationships, our work, and our daily choices. We are finally able to hit the play button on our lives again and are far less willing to waste our time on matters that don’t offer us meaningful emotions, feelings, and experiences.

kuudes what's next meaningfulnessWhat’s in it for me?

We are now more than ever open to more experimental forms of branding and marketing as we are looking for connections on a deeper level, not just with other people but with brands too. Those consumers who have taken the time to rethink their priorities are now in search of outlets for whatever they have defined their calling as, be it creativity, entrepreneurship, or living the dream as a digital nomad.

Embracing the ever-so-cliché “Carpe diem” attitude in marketing messaging is starting to resonate again, but consumers want something more concrete; a push or nudge to the right direction, as well as products and services that help them get there.

But beware: not everyone is looking forward to all the socializing and traveling. Some people, not that surprisingly, feel overwhelmed and even anxious about the thought of returning to the same old routines, or creating new ones. As a brand, you should still stay sensitive to individual preferences as well as local circumstances, and not forget the importance of services and community building done online.

The perfect example

Picture this: you’ve just sat down in a restaurant ready to enjoy your dinner, and instead of ordering food, you order based feelings.

The classic cream cheese brand Philadelphia spent the past summer of 2022 opening up a pop-up restaurant appropriately called “Feeladelphia”, where guests can enjoy dishes centered around different emotions, all prepared by top-notch chefs from a Michelin-starred restaurant. Each dish takes the diner on a full, multi-sensory exploration of each feeling as the food is complemented with visuals, sounds, and other sensorial surprises. And the best part: all profits go to charity.

They probably couldn’t have made their brand platform “You Don’t Just Taste It. You Feel It” come to life more literally.

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kuudes what's next meaningfulness
kuudes what's next meaningfulness