Focus this month: Post-materialism & meaningfulness

During the pandemic, eight in ten organisations put increased effort towards digital transformation. While the majority of these efforts were surely vital for companies to survive the deepest and darkest pitfalls of the Covid crisis, a pivotal change has occurred.

Remote and hybrid working models are now a part of our everyday lives, which means that we have seen a major increase in the array of tools and training programs needed. Our working lives have seen massive adjustments in the past decades and the ability to adapt and thrive in the constantly changing environment has become more crucial than ever. But what kind of skills are we talking about? And what kind of a role do companies play in all of this?

Why now?

Digital transformation in itself is of course not exactly a new concept, but it continuously takes on new forms. AI, robotics, automation.. The way the next generations to come work will look immensely different from our reality today. It is highly likely that the jobs available in 2030 don’t even exist yet.

But consumers, and most likely your own employees, don’t want to be left alone in navigating which direction to take in their learning. They look for brands, organisations, and their own employers to provide them with solutions, guidance, and education.

What’s in it for me?

For an individual, it can be overwhelming to try to figure how to build a meaningful career with continuity. If we don’t even know what kind of jobs exist in the future, how could someone know what types of skills will they need in the future, and what kind of experience is required to succeed?

By now, we can all agree that new technologies will not make all human work pointless. It is far more likely that AI, machine learning and robotics will keep opening up new possibilities and new roles to fill.

Human-centric skills such as emotional intelligence, leadership, complex decision-making, and creativity are and will probably always stay out of reach for machines. And those who learn how to harness these skills will be the ones creating future success stories: no matter what kind of technology disrupts our world next, these skills won’t be replaced.

kuudes what's next digital skillsThe perfect example

Swedish company Einride has built their business on the highly intelligent technology behind self-driving truck deliveries. While their advanced innovations with zero-emission, self-driving vehicles mean that in this shipping company traditional truck drivers are no longer needed, they have created a whole new career in the process. They call the position “Remoted Pod Operator” and these individuals help the self-driving truck deliveries to increase their efficiency by providing operational support.

Driving through the night has been swapped for more regular working hours and ultimately, a much more comfortable work environment compared to traditional truck driving.

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kuudes what's next digital skills
kuudes what's next digital skills