Individualism & scattered realities


The world is more connected, yet more desynchronised than ever.

Finding your own tribe is empowering and gives voice to people and companies formerly offside. On the other hand, algorithms accelerate tribalisation and division in societies, increasing unpredictability.

How has this trend evolved: From unique consumption choices to fully tailored life – and polarisation in society

2016 — Uniquely me

We look for choices that show what tribe we belong to. We want things that engage us and help to fulfil our individual needs. We try out special diets and listen to how our bodies react to them.

2021 — My truth, my voice

Searching for our unique paths is leading to a reality where absolute truths don’t exist and authorities have little credibility.

2026 — Individualism and scattered realities

Our world becomes more connected than ever and we form powerful tribes. But we are also more desynchronized than ever. Different tribes live in different realities.

57% of Finns want the real deal, not mass produced.

The Informed Consumer 2019, Kuudes

46% of people in Sweden did not trust in newspapers and magazines, and 40% did not trust in television and radio.

Trust in the Media, Ipsos Global Advisor 2019



How does this trend manifest itself?

kuudes what's next october disinformationWhat’s Next: The truth is out there – we just need to find it

In theory, we are more connected to each other on a global level, yet we are more desynchronized than ever. Over 60% of the world’s population has access to internet and thus, to more information than ever before. How much of that information is true, however, is another question entirely. Disinformation keeps spreading and that should worry businesses too.

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