We are Kuudes, experts of the digital customer experience

We create impactful digital experiences and services by combining customer insight, creative thinking, and multi-disciplinary design expertise. 

Ole yhteydessä
  • 30 creative professionals in Helsinki and Stockholm
  • We work in multidisciplinary teams to ensure the best outcome
  • People-oriented design is how we design and shape digital customer experiences and services

How we help our customers

Digital brand & customer experience

What is the role of digitalisation in your organisation’s strategy and brand? What part do digital services play in the larger entity of services and processes? What kind of experiences do you want to offer your customers in digital channels? What does your brand look and sound like in the digital world?

  • Customer insight
  • Brand and digital strategy
  • Customer journeys
  • Visual identity
  • Communication concept


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Digital services concepts

What is the primary goal of a service? How does it respond to user needs and supports your organisation’s objectives? How does your brand and the desirable customer experience come alive through user experience, functionalities, and content? What parts constitute a service and what is their relation to one another?

  • Innovation and ideation
  • Service and content concepts
  • Concept visualisation and description
  • Prototyping, validation, and user testing
  • User journeys
  • Information architecture and structure


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Digital service design and continuous development

What kind of functionalities and elements is your service built upon? How does it look and feel, and how does it interact with the user? How do we take into consideration accessibility and usability from the points-of-view of different types of users? How does the service live up to the expectations and goals set for it, and how can we develop it further?

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Accessibility
  • Design systems
  • Product and UX testing
  • Design Ops


Learn more about the renewal of Hel.fi

“Kuudes is a strategic partner of the City of Helsinki in the renewal of the hel.fi website. Kuudes has helped us to form a design team and build new capabilities for the city, such as the foundation for design team operations, visual identity, and user interface design.”

– Anni Leppänen, Lead Service Designer, City of Helsinki

Our way-of-working

Everything begins with understanding the customer

Designing impactful digital services is based on thorough customer understanding. We turn the needs and challenges of the users into opportunities in design work by looking at the world through their eyes.

Holistic and multi-disciplinary design

All services are part of a bigger picture. We look at the whole created by different touch points in holistic way from the points-of-view of the users and the organisation to understand the role and meaning of each service. Through our multi-disciplinary expertise we make sure that all development runs smoothly to the right direction, and that the solutions created today are also future proof. 

Impactful experiences

In addition to the needs of the users, we need to understand the purpose of the organisation and its brand, and what type of a role does digitalisation play in the business. We combine strategic goals and business objectives with insightful opportunities rising from customer research to design digital experiences and services that make an impact on people and organisations. 

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We are group of experienced digital design professionals. We bring in our colleagues from strategy work and customer insight to service design to further enhance our capabilities. → Get to know our entire team.

Jari Danielsson

CEO, Kuudes Nordic

+358 40 730 9612