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How to disrupt your own business?

On the verge of something vast

LähiTapiola is one of the largest financial groups in the Nordics with 1.6 million owner-customers and 3,400 employees. As the digital transformation has been rocking the boat across all industries, even the most traditional businesses from banking to health care have been prompted to meet the needs of their evermore expectant customers.

LähiTapiola has decided to take the bull by the horns by launching a determined venture to face this challenge. The plan is to undergo a tremendous transformation from a traditional insurance corporation to a lifelong security company, providing their customers with a holistic selection of services for all areas of life.

Together with the multinational IT service company, TCS, Kuudes has teamed up with LähiTapiola to take on this mission. Kuudes operates as a design partner within their Digital Competence Center, a unit collaborating with all business divisions to usher in a range of new digital services for both B2C and B2B customers.

Promoting a customer-centric culture…

This collaboration is an excellent example of how Kuudes can empower the client’s internal design team with specific skill sets needed in the broad range of ongoing projects. Our team members’ work has ranged from insight generation, concept design, and strategy to service design, UX/UI design, and prototyping.

The high-level goal as a partner for LähiTapiola has been to build a more customer-centric culture in the company and introduce related ways of working with empathy and customer insight. The massive service renewal poses a range of critical operational goals: automation, fluent processes for the customer – and for LähiTapiola as the service provider.

…and creating a unified design language

Starting to create a shared design language is a crucial step in managing digital design across various projects and teams. The Kuudes design team is working alongside LähiTapiola design team to support their transformation with the best digital practices. The unified design language will enable all stakeholders within the digital ecosystem to create and modify products in a quick, harmonious and cost-efficient manner.

Examples of Kuudes’ work with LähiTapiola

Redesign of the Self-Service Portal

The self-service portal is a crucial element in creating a superior customer experience in an increasingly digitalised world. In 2018, Kuudes started the long-term development work with LähiTapiola to completely revamp their customer portal.

Smoothing the user journey requires close work with developers to conduct implementation checks and constant iterations of the design process to make it as agile as possible. The result will be a harmonious tool with a unified digital visual experience for LähiTapiola customers to efficiently manage their safety, security and financial assets on a daily basis.

Digital Pilots & Innovations

Together with LähiTapiola’s mobility team, Kuudes has explored the potential for an insurance company to transition to a travelling companion for its customers. This would include a digital service ensuring the optimal driving experience through increased safety, economy and ecology of driving.

Digital Strategy

As the competitive environment evolves — especially in the digital sphere — LähiTapiola sought to create a plan outlining the impact of their group strategy in the digital realm – for both B2C and B2B operations. The digital strategy was set out to define a shared vision of where LähiTapiola wants to be with its digital services in the future, and what is needed from the organisation to cement this position.

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