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Digital service design in the finance industry

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Can you define and own a new category of service business?

Motives as a key driver for change

As a premium player in Finland’s banking and insurance industry, OP is operating in a market that’s developing as rapidly as ever, and where digital disruption is ironically seen as both a threat, and as opportunity. In this case, OP utilised a design-first mentality as a catalyst for change.

The goal of the project was to increase the level of understanding, and to provide new value for the specific sector. Focusing solely on entrepreneurs, OP’s work was based on understanding the motives and every-day challenges brought on from the true nature of their work.

Rapid concept development and validation

Utilizing Kuudes Concept Lab, OP sought to challenge traditional and current ways of thinking, identify the need for reborn service models and for practical and swift solutions in bringing those service models to the market.


Steps to reinvent your business in just three months



Deep dive into the heads of your customers: know their daily routines, pains and worries. Shape the problems that you can then help find solutions for.



Co-create concrete business ideas to solve these problems and visualize them


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Go to your customers to learn how your ideas work and how to make them even better


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Rapidly refine your ideas and put the best concepts into practice

New solutions ready for implementation

Bringing together the dedicated professional drivers, alongside OP experts with various levels of expertise, who were actively involved during the co-design process made the project a true success.

The co-design project resulted in 10 developed digital concepts, an improved overall understanding of the motives of the professional drivers sector, and a new in-focus strategy to approach and engage the user group with.

Co-creation with customers

The results highlighted a number of new best practices that assisted in breaking down internal silos, while also showing the importance of engaging with customers, who were happy and more than willing to be involved in shaping the future of the industry.

“The project struck at the very core of the new OP. And it was carried out in such an exciting way that it brought in the whole team – even the most established colleagues.”

– Eero Heikinmaa, OP

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