Helsinki Art Museum

Customer experience design: from concept to culture and identity


How should an organisation’s vision be represented in customer service?


The whole team can understand the customer experience

HAM had sound customer service processes but wanted their staff, including new and seasonal workers, to be able to more clearly understand and communicate their customer service messages.

The end goal was to get everyone on board with HAM’s positioning as an inspiring museum for all Helsinki. HAM worked with Kuudes to crystallise the customer service concept and museum experience path through workshops. The work was closely based on the organisation’s mission, strategy and visual guidelines. For HAM, genuine and inspirational customer service aims to be a key point of differentiation in the marketplace.





A smart services pilot for other business sectors

The resulting guides, pocketbooks and posters motivate and guide customer service staff, and help to develop a strong, common culture. The project has had a concrete effect on staff induction and customer encounters and is being continually developed with staff cooperation.

The HAM guide project was supported by Six City Strategy, the EU-funded program for open and smart services that is a partnership between the six largest cities in Finland. Through Six City Strategy the project aims to act as a pilot for other sectors.



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