As sustainable technologies reshape regional aviation over the coming decades, what will this mean for Northern Sweden and Finland, where cross-border distances are short but connections are poor? How could the Kvarken region become a pioneer in sustainable aviation?

The Kvarken Council, a cooperation platform and an enabler of all kinds of cross-border cooperation in the Kvarken region, seeks to understand how the area could optimally benefit from this green transformation and create opportunities for its people. Their FAIR 2 project aims to enhance understanding of the demand for sustainable regional aviation from a cross-border perspective. This understanding and knowledge are vital for well-informed, long-term decision-making in order to create a sustainable regional aviation system in the Northern Nordics.

Kuudes is proud to announce that we are the research partner of the Kvarken Council in this initiative together with DAIN Studios. Our work will form the basis for decisions on how regional actors will proceed with measures that support the introduction of sustainable aviation technology. This may include, for example, discovering a business model that best responds to the region’s needs and is most suitable for the dimensioning of airport infrastructure or infrastructure for drones and vertical take-off aircraft (eVTOL).

The project outcomes are scheduled to be published in summer 2024. Read more about the FAIR 2 project here.


Terhi Hyvönen and Saara Järvinen from Kuudes, Hanna Grönqvist and Matias Dahl from DAIN Studios.