When two become one MVC Videra. Branding the fusion of two market leaders.


In late 2023 it became clear that the German company MVC Mobile VideoCommunication GmbH will join forces with Finnish Elisa Videra to become the world’s leading provider of cross-technology UCC services. Elisa Videra was part of the Finnish telecommunications group Elisa Group and, like MVC, is a recognised market leader in the IT services industry.
Together they establish a new, dynamic company MVC Videra. The merger is the launch of a new era with an improved offering, broader support and expertise and extended coverage for their customers around the world.


To begin with, Kuudes helped the newly established MVC Videra team to set the strategic foundation of the new brand – the positioning, brand persona, and key messages. The process began with gathering insights by interviewing employees and customers of the two companies.
The goal was to understand what customers truly value in both companies, as well as to identify the similarities and differences in what makes them unique, their offerings, and culture. It was delightful to discover that the companies shared many of the attributes most valued by customers; their outstanding expertise, end-to-end solutions, and global reach with a local touch in service.
We also looked deeper into the category as well as the global competitive landscape. It became apparent that many players in the market looked and communicated in similar ways. To differentiate ourselves, it became clear that we needed to look beyond the functional benefits of our solutions.

Verbal Identity

We wanted to communicate what MVC Videra ultimately enables to their customer, while emphasising the service aspect and attitude.
The new brand promise, Collaboration flow as a service, sums it up. It’s about the dedication of the people to deliver a feeling of ease when collaborating with MVC Videra and when using the solutions in their day to day work. It’s about highlighting that MVC Videra is a service company who believes in long-term relationships with their customers by constantly delivering best-in-class solutions to meet their needs.

Visual identity

The visual identity aims to convey the simplicity and accessibility of the global connectivity services offered by the company, known as “Collaboration Flow as a Service”. This identity is characterised by a clean design with generous white space, symbolising a seamless service experience.
The use of bright pastel and vibrant colours not only reflects the approachability of the company’s employees but also their commitment to excellent service, fostering long-term collaborations. It emphasises a flow in the information that moves between offices and in working with technologies like MVC Videra.
By breaking industry norms with more colourful and clear elements, such as distinctive illustrations and typographic styles, and approachable shapes the visual identity shifts focus from technology to the emotional and human aspects of the service.


“After merging MVC and Elisa Videra, we teamed up with Kuudes to create a fresh new brand for MVC Videra. Their deep knowledge helped us come up with a solid brand strategy, that included a clear positioning statement, strong key messages, and a unique visual identity that sets us apart in a crowded market.

Working with Kuudes was effortless. They combined our future vision with their creative strategy perfectly, creating a brand that honors our past while boldly aiming for our future aspirations.

I would like to give huge shoutout to the Kuudes team for their incredible support and expert advice during the brand strategy and its development process. Their collaborative spirit and commitment were key in shaping a brand story that not only mirrors our values but also sets MVC Videra up for
long-lasting success.

The outcome was a new brand that was truly us.”

– Annika Packalén, Marketing Lead, MVC Videra

For more information:

Michael Biaudet
Senior Strategist
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