Brand strategy and identity for a new energy company

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Meet the new simple and friendly Oomi Energy brand 

Eleven Finnish energy companies decided to join forces in a joint electricity sales venture. From day one, the company is the 3rd biggest in Finland with more than 420,000 customers. We worked together with the founding companies to create a solid brand strategy and well-positioned identity in just three months.

A solution to market transformation

The competition in the electricity sales business in Finland is getting tougher every day. Choosing an energy company holds little interest for consumers and pricing plays a crucial role. The future trend in bulk electricity sales is for companies to add value with new kinds of services. Digitalisation is also re-shaping the retail electricity market.

However, small companies don’t have adequate resources to develop the IT systems required to even be in the game. This has led to the situation where companies are joining forces to become more competitive. As new companies and new services emerge, the value of a strong brand and accurate positioning becomes ever more important. 

→  Enrichening insight
→  Positioning & brand strategy
→  Naming & Brand Concept
→  Validation & Revision
→  Production

From scratch in just three months 

Oomi needed to enter the market fast. We had just three months to build a new brand from scratch, to validate alternatives and to create and produce a range of brand assets, including an identity, illustrations and photography, so that advertising agencies and other partners had enough time to do their work before the launch. We were fortunate that we could base our work on fresh insight dataWe had ready-made view into the behavior of Oomi’s key audiences that meant we could rapidly crystallise and conceptualise. 

Insight-driven positioning with clarity

We combined new market insight with our Informed Consumer study and we also undertook a corporate culture study, so that we could articulate shared values and identify possible cultural pitfalls. We held a Kuudes Brand Lab workshop where we worked with the core Oomi team on positioning the new company.

As all the founding companies had a long history in their area, we wanted to emphasise positives about their local Finnish roots. Our key learning was that the companies shared the ability to relate to their customers and had unique understanding of their daily lives and needs.

A new, memorable and friendly name

Naming the brand was fun but tricky. Of course, we had several rounds of long lists and short lists, with lawyers studying availability from trademark registers. Staff from all the companies got actively engaged in finding new naming routesevaluation and validation.

Oomi is a new word without meaningallowing us to create its meaning from scratchIn Finnish it’s pronounced as inohm”, the electrical unit. It’s a snappyand unique name that has a cheerful echo.

Rapid delivery from concept to market

Based on the brand strategy, we created three options for the brand concept. These were validated in an online community platform and with B2B interviews. After analyzing the results, it was straightforward to finalise the brand identity and produce assets. In a month, we were ready to hand them over. The brand-new brand came alive in just a few weeks.

Playful illustrations for a warm-hearted identity

There’s a generic and predictable feel to many energy companies and we wanted to do something different. Strong illustrations and a playful tone give Oomi a warm-hearted personality. The illustrations were made by Finland’s favourite cheeky illustrator, Rami Niemi, and made Oomi feel friendly, laid back and a natural part of everyday life. We finetuned the balance of illustrations and photos to ensure appeal to both consumers and corporate clients.

Oomi’s unique identity really stands out in the energy market. And we’ve helped Oomi communicate great prices, a clear offering and a personal touch. Simple!









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