CHEW FOLK – Identity, packaging and communication

Chew wisely

For thousands of years, humans chewed on things created by nature – until the natural was replaced by plastics. Today’s non-biodegradable chewing gum is a significant problem to the environment. Chew Folk is a Swedish company that decided to change the game. They founded Sweden’s only chewing gum factory, designed to reinterpret and revitalize chewing gum for the modern age and accelerate the phase-out of chewable plastics. We helped Chew Folk clarify their design strategy and develop a verbal and visual identity that is full of attitude, catering to their new position in the market.

The business target

Doing good tastes good

Typically, chewing gum brands are built around the functionality of the gum and the freshness. We wanted to build a foundation for Chew Folk’s commercial success by creating an identity that keeps the best features from the chewing gum world in terms of freshness and good dental hygiene but takes sustainability and exciting flavor to the next level. 

With the help of Kuudes’ Informed Consumer study, we redesigned the communication and tone-of-voice of the packaging for Chew Folk. We brought in valuable insights on what is essential to communicate to appeal to the wider gum-chewing audience.  

The new communication concept balances between witty slogans, hard facts, and benefit-driven claims. Appealing to both the emotional and functional needs of chewing gum buyers, all Chew Folk communication now matches the magic of the chew. 

Playing the part

When your mission is to challenge conventions and redefine the chewing gum experience, you need to look the part. The new jovial identity of Chew Folk is a true manifestation of the imaginative chew factory – and undoubtedly stands out from the crowd. 
The custom logo and typography draw inspiration from the 1960s classic rock posters and hippie culture with a contemporary twist. All custom symbols and brand elements visualize Chew Folk’s key claims of freshness and sustainability in a distinctive and playful style. Look closely, and you’ll find a hidden tooth in the wordmark. 








No plastic, no problem

As synthetic plastics are not biodegradable, regular gum can take hundreds of years to break down. Luckily, companies like Chew Folk are at the forefront of change, making sure people have all-natural options to choose from, leaving no microplastics behind. 

To make the choice in the store easier than ever, we designed their plastic-free packaging to pop out of the stands with the new and juicy Chew Folk brand colors. These colors celebrate and communicate the natural ingredients and flavors of the gum in a fun and playful way. Oh, so fresh! 


“Right from the initial meetings with Kuudes we had a good connection and dialogue. The team that worked on our case was really the best team we could ask for, creative, strategic and managed to translate our brand platform into a really good looking end product. During the design process the Kuudes team always kept us in the loop, they always listened to our feedback, and we were thrilled with the end result that really was a step up for our brand. The feedback on the visuals that we’ve received since launching it in stores is amazing. The package really stands our in the chewing gum shelves.”

– Abtin Soltanpour, founder of Chew Folk

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Country Manager, Senior Strategist
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