ARLA BABY & ME – Insight and brand design

A simple case of pure insight and organic design

Arla Baby & Me packaging design

The business target

Should dairy giant Arla enter the global baby foods market?

In 2008, due to an increase in international demand for safe, all-natural infant formula, global dairy giant Arla saw an opportunity to launch a new product range. They needed to know if entering the baby foods market would make sense and wanted clear insight for product ideas that would meet the demands of consumers. Arla Innovations challenged Kuudes and UK-based firm Happen to come up together with a winning formula to enter a completely new business arena successfully.

A natural transition into new markets

Collaborating with Arla Innovations, Kuudes got to work on establishing if Arla should enter the baby foods market, at that time a new category for the company. We were deeply involved with the customer-insight process in several countries and together prepared the business case to convince senior management to back and launch a new product range, including manufacturing, distribution and marketing.

Together we discovered a gap in the market for organic infant formula, a niche that didn’t exist before. Arla decided to focus efforts solely on this one area, putting other concept ideas on hold for the foreseeable future. Based on a clear strategy, we created the brand concept, visual identity and packaging design. Product packaging was a key element for the brand and their communications, appealing to both mothers and children, and to differentiate them from other infant nutrition brands.

Nothing beats a pure, honest message

The design by Kuudes for Arla Baby & Me is simple and playful. The knitted animal figures are beautiful, fascinating and relatable – they almost come to life on supermarket shelves. The packaging design exudes innocence, honesty and pureness, nicely representing the 100% organic product line. Arla Baby & Me was awarded a Red Dot best of the best for communications design and the range is now sold worldwide.

A decade later and the brand has stood the test of time due to its accurate positioning, generating growth consistently with impressive annual sales increases and dominating market shares. They now provide little ones all over the world, from Denmark to China, with safe, organic and nutritious infant formula.

“Chinese tourists visiting Copenhagen have this year stocked up on Danish-made organic infant milk formula, prompting some supermarkets to limit the number of cans each customer can buy.”

Reuters, 2017



213% annual sales increase in Denmark from launch in 2012 until 2016

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