Kulttuurikasarmi visualisation: SARC Architects


KULTTUURIKASARMI CONCEPT – Insight, Service and Concept Design

The new quarter of leisure

The business target 

The concept for the new multisensory arts and cultural district

Several new shopping centers, cultural venues, and meeting places have emerged in Helsinki, all competing for the free time of city dwellers. When a group of individuals dedicated to high-quality cultural experiences initiated a plan to renovate the old barracks building in Kamppi, we were tasked with working alongside the project team to develop a customer-oriented concept for the future entity.

Customer-driven co-creation process 

Background research

We began by gaining insights into the phenomena, identifying key influencing factors, and pinpointing essential target group segments. 

  • Stakeholder interviews with NoHo partners & BioRex Cinemas, Föreningen Konstsamfunde and Ilona Studios & Bufo
  • A quantitative research involving 1000 individuals aged 16 to 74 in the greater Helsinki area
  •  Three key target segments levegared by the Kuudes Informed Consumer study

Co-creation & Concept Lab

We organised four co-creation sessions with the key target groups to understand their expectations, needs, and dreams about the new concept.

  • Four co-creation sessions with 19 target segment members
  • Eight hours of discussions and ideation with future customers

We conducted a Concept Lab workshop with stakeholders to establish the positioning, value proposition, and critical elements of the concept. The initial plan was crafted using target group insights and presented in an inspirational manner for subsequent customer validation. 

Validation with target groups

We conducted tests on the concept draft with key target groups and event organizers to gauge its relevance, inspiration, and attractiveness from the potential customer’s perspective. Presenting the concept drafts enabled customers to identify the innovations within the new concept and encouraged them to generate additional supporting ideas. 

  • Two co-creation sessions with the key target groups
  • Five event organiser interviews

Kulttuurikasarmi visualisation: SARC Architects

Key findings

1. A movie experience for all the senses

Watching movies is considered a delightful way to spend leisure time, and many of us would prefer to indulge in it even more. However, only a few operators provide a truly relaxing experience tailored to adult tastes. In many cases, there is a lack of high-quality additional services, particularly in terms of food and drink offerings. 

2. Approachable and high-quality culture

There is a noticeable yearning to break away from the routines of everyday life among urban dwellers during their leisure time. The fast pace of daily life has led to a growing demand for inspiring experiences, a demand that must be reflected in the new concept.

3. Popular with a personalised feel

Thanks to its central location, finding your way to the old barracks building or stopping by spontaneously is easy. The area is designed to have a low threshold for social encounters, striking a balance between vibrancy and avoiding constant commotion and crowded experiences.

Initial concept visualisations by Kuudes.


The Idea

From an individual building to an entire cultural square 

The project’s most significant opportunity lies in revitalizing Lasipalatsi Square and its surroundings comprehensively. With the new architecture of Amos Rex and the square, it has become one of the most photographed areas in Helsinki, particularly drawing visitors to the museum. 

The use of Lasipalatsi Square for events has been limited. By fully leveraging the square for activities compatible with Kulttuurikasarmi and Lasipalatsi, it serves as an attraction that directs people towards the services provided by the involved entities. 

The Concept

A curated collection of urban culture, art, and entertainment 

The architecturally stunning Lasipalatsi Square and the surrounding entities are evolving into Helsinki’s central hub for restaurants, movies, art, and design. The old barracks building, offering multisensory experiences, is transforming into a new, high-quality cinema and restaurant cluster. The layered nature of the area in terms of history, offerings, and participants is a strength, allowing for curated, year-round events and cultural content indoors and outdoors. 



Customer experience is smooth in all the channels. Customer service is knowledgeable and caring. 


Quality is evident in everything we do, whether it’s a service, food, program, or cultural event. This is achieved through thoughtful curation. 


We create inspiring experiences in the art and culture sector, incorporating elements that engage multiple senses. 


Sustainability is integrated into our operations – not just as a slogan but as a mindset in building an innovative, sustainable cultural and artistic entity.

Initial concept visualisations by Kuudes.


The lead architect agency in the project was SARC Architects. Final interiors for Kulttuurikasarmi were designed by Interior Design Office Carola Rytsölä.

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Team Lead, Brand Design
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