A change-driven identity for a company that implements change

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Can we establish a solid identity that reflects constant change?

CCEA is a company of experts specialized in implementing change. They have an exceptional ability to get people do their work and think in new ways. CCEA seemed to have everything else in perfect shape, except their identity, which did not reflect the company’s business and leading position in their branch.

Finding the secret recipe

As we usually do, we started our work with personal interviews with CCEA key people and key clients. We wanted to dig deep into their strategy and daily business to understand why their clients were so extremely happy. We felt there had to be something special in the CCEA company culture.

We had it right. CCEA’s success is based on people. They have an excellent team. Another perspective we found was that the team is extremely good with people. They really focus on people because they know that it’s the individuals that change organizations.

A strategy based on people

Successful businesses require constant change. However, most change projects fail because people don’t have the knowledge, will or motivation to change the way they work.

While others talk about change, CCEA makes it happen. We created a brand strategy that highlights their relentless attitude and their exceptional ability to affect people and put change into practice.

“Our customers’ business is changing continuously. In order to be able to support them in defining, planning and executing change, we must also keep on renewing.”

– Reetta Rajala, CEO

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