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Playful packaging that jumps right out from the shelves

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Design is child’s play

How do parents and children choose together?

The Arla Makukaverit range translates from the Finnish as “taste-buddies”. They’re Arla’s flavoured milk drinks for kids and tweens that are low in sugar with no preservatives. The challenge from Arla was to create a new identity, packaging and marketing materials that could engage children and their parents.

We studied the joint purchase decisions of parents and their children and identified children’s need for play and parents’ need for information. Our research found that children chose the most colourful products on the shelves with distinctive patterns, while their parents searched for the products with the clearest indicators of healthiness and goodness.



Inspired by play

The Kuudes packaging charmed both young and old, children’s playfulness and the rational needs of parents. The packaging concept highlighted fun children’s characters – top halves and bottom halves – just like a children’s flip book. Kids could put the packages together in weird and wonderful combinations.

The style is fresh, perfectly naïve, easy on the eyes for adults, great fun for children, and jumped right out from the shelves. The low sugar, no preservatives message was subtly integrated for the attention of parents. The Kuudes identity for Arla Makukaverit was shortlisted in the 2016 Vuoden Huiput awards.

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