We are Kuudes, agency of creative strategists

We create customer-centric strategies and concepts.

  • Kuudes is a team of 40+ creative professionals in Helsinki and Stockholm
  • We consult top management, innovators and those responsible for the brand or customer experience
  • To support number crunchers, we provide strategy consulting based on customer understanding, foresight and creative thinking
  • We also utilize other Kuudes core competencies in our work, such as service design and engineering

Our way of working

Everything begins with understanding the customer 

Our strategy work starts with a thorough understanding of the customer. With our Informed Consumer study, we have access to Finland’s most in-depth database of values, expectations, and changes of different customer groups.

Strategy process using design methods

We work in an inclusive, iterative, and customer-oriented manner. We believe in concreteness, pragmatism, and illustrative prototypes. Each of our projects is always tailored to the customer’s needs.

A crystallized strategy that inspires

Our work will not be left to dust off in PowerPoint. Instead, we visualize and crystallize our strategy into inspiring entities. Design plays a significant role not only in building a strategy but also when it is put into practice.

Typical projects

Growth strategies

Tomorrow’s successful strategies combine a vision of customers’ daily lives and values, new business opportunities, and future-changing phenomena. We bring our creative consultants and an agile strategy model that utilizes design thinking to your help.

→  Sparring of strategy work from a customer-oriented perspective
→  Portfolio strategy
→  Customer strategy
→  Commercial concept
→  Retail strategy
→  Digital strategy

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We are a practical partner in creative concept design. Insight work, brand expertise, and our experience in commercialising innovations provide a good base for creating successful concepts. The ability to crystallize and visualize new concept ideas into inspiring entities is our core competency. In addition to design work, we facilitate the company’s internal innovation work.

→  Product and service concepts
→  Retail concept
→  Franchising concept
→  Customer experience strategy

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Brand strategies

We help both B2B and B2C brands clarify their position or create a completely new challenger brand in the market. We base our work on a strong insight, combining customer understanding, market and competitor analysis, and an insight into your corporate culture. We develop the brand and the concept, the promise and its claim, hand in hand: this is how deeds and vision meet in real life.

→  Brand vision and mission
→  Positioning
→  Brand strategy
→  Brand hierarchy
→  Design strategy
→  Communication concept

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Contact us

We are a team of 40+ professionals in Helsinki and Stockholm. To enhance our strategy work we bring in experts of customer insight, service design, and digital design if necessary to the project. → Get to know all of our professionals

Jari Danielsson

CEO, Kuudes Nordic

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Matti Lehto

Head of Strategy

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Michael Biaudet

Country Manager, Senior Strategist

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Paula Hupponen

Service Design Director

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Terhi Hyvönen

Insight Specialist

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Saara Järvinen

Senior Insight Strategist

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Mikko Mäkinen

Concept Design Director

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Petra Väänänen-Leimu

Senior Insight Strategist

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