Business and brand design for a new retail chain

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Tamro, a leading service provider and distributor of pharmaceuticals and health products, decided to embark on a new business venture in Finland. Together with pharmacists and Terveystalo, another market leader in healthcare, they wanted to create a pharmacy chain for the 2020s and invited Kuudes to crate the base for a new business.

Kuudes worked with the partners from the initial idea to final execution. First, we interviewed pharmacists and other stakeholders to truly understand their business. In addition, we used analysis from our Informed Consumer study to select the customer segments we really needed to win over. During the field study phase we realised that people have great respect for pharmacists and their knowledge but expect little new: people couldn’t imagine how a pharmacy could be any different. Therefore, to shake up the idea of a pharmacy and to make customers’ lives easier, the new concept offers a more holistic experience by bringing health services under the same roof with prescription drugs and other pharmacy products.

4 key customer segments based on the Informed Consumer
3 co-creation sessions with customers and employees
140 name alternatives
3-phased roadmap for customer experience development

Strategy & Branding

Co-creating the pharmacy of the future

We created a brand strategy that highlights the pharmacy’s role as an active partner in your everyday life. Healthcare brands are usually trustworthy but too often clinical and cold, whereas lifestyle brands ooze warmth but lack credibility in personal health matters. The new pharmacy chain would take the best of both and charm people with a superior customer experience.

Branding work was done in close collaboration with main customer segments. The identity sets the new brand apart from competition; the look is modern, international, and welcoming, with sage green as the primary colour. The new chain also got a name during the process, Olo-apteekki (feeling or being in Finnish).

Experience & Retail Design

A pharmacy worth visiting

We created a vision of an omnichannel customer experience and laid out a roadmap for the future. With customer journey maps for each segment, we were able to pinpoint crucial development needs. Few pharmacies excel at their digital presence, but Olo-apteekki would be an exception.

Finally, we created the concept and designs for Olo-apteekki stores. To emphasise the contrast between Olo-apteekki and traditional pharmacies, we created a warm space with light wood and sage green shop fittings. The layout was designed to promote seasonal products and the Terveystalo health booth to attract new customers. We simplified the signage system and dedicated the endcaps to key brand messages for Olo-apteekki’s characteristic tone-of-voice to stand out. The result is a serene, one-stop shop for your health and wellbeing needs.










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