Focus this month: Seamless & Smart

Let’s wrap up the last future-defining force of change of this year!

In December we discussed how technology continues to shape our world, lifestyles and work. In the future we want to see technology work invisibly and effortlessly in the background, serving all areas of life. More users, more competition and hopefully, smarter solutions.

What is this force of change all about?

We seek smart lifestyles through technological innovations. The embedded technologies will make our lives inseparable from the digital sphere.Ideally, we will have smart homes, smart offices, and smart cities that enable us to lead smarter lives with clear priorities, technology helping us in working, shopping, cooking, transportation, learning, entertainment, and sustainability.

Whether technology will enable smarter living depends on how smartly we use it – what are the values that guide its usage and development? The role of tech will ideally be to help serve a wisely defined purpose.

How does this force of change manifest itself?

#1 From the comfort of your own home

Most of us got quite a lot of firsts and formed new, lasting habits during the pandemic. While some still love the thrill of finding something special in a brick-and-mortar store, others are enjoying the convenience factors the disruption in technology brought us during this unconventional time. Nevertheless, our expectations of brands and the experiences they offer us have changed. Instead of simply bridging the gap between physical and digital, IRL and online, we are expecting immersion, a full experience of the brand, and ultimately, to have the choice in our own hands, whether to enjoy the experience from the comfort of our own homes or not.

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#2 Autonomy for all

The pandemic affected all age groups but one of the biggest impacts was on our senior citizens. Dealing with isolation, loneliness, and the looming fear of declining health… Not to mention the technological disruption they had to adapt to. So, what could we do to help now and in the future? Luckily, new technologies offer us an array of opportunities to try. It’s not just all about healthcare, though obviously that plays an important role as well. Technology has potential to have a much more significant role in creating autonomy.

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#3 Go smart or go… home?

Cities are valuable melting pots of our culture, trying to adapt to changes in our political, social, environmental and technological environment. With the city dwellers being their most important capital, there’s a need for new innovations and technologies to keep citizens happy where they are. Whether it’s reimagining transportation or tackling environmental issues on a local level, the future of our cities is on our hands. How can we make sure they are future-proof?

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What’s Next?

The new year will bring us a new and exciting force of change again. In January we turn our focus to wellbeing with the NEW HOLISTICS OF BODY AND MIND.

Wellbeing is a megatrend that will continue its triumphant march. Functional and holistic approaches are blending in and the very concept of wellbeing is becoming more holistic. The roles of the mind and mental health are emphasized. The healthcare paradigm if shifting into more preventive, comprehensive, and individualistic direction. Modern technology helps us become more aware of how we are doing and helps us make individual choices to support our wellbeing.

Tune in again in January to learn more about this future-defining megatrend.

“What’s Next” is our weekly series focusing on a relevant trend that manifests one of the six forces of change by Kuudes. Read more about our strategic foresight model Kuudes Next and the six forces of change here.