PUHDISTAMOBrand strategy, visual identity, internationalisation, packaging

Upgrade your wellbeing

The business target

Creating the foundation for growth

Puhdistamo is a synonym for quality when it comes to supplements and other nutritional products. Their high-standard products were already trusted by a certain group of health trailblazers but still, there remained a vast untapped potential. Puhdistamo chose Kuudes to be their partner-in-growth to embark on new markets and charm wider audiences. We clarified their brand position and strategy and developed the visual identity. With customer insights from our Informed Consumer databank, we brought deeper knowledge of their potential customers in different markets.

Visual identity

All about quality

We refreshed the visual identity in a more energetic and smart direction, making the brand approachable for the new customers we wanted to win over. The identity oozes their uncompromising quality in a modern, clean, and crisp manner. But above all, the brand identity sets the right tone when it comes to health and wellbeing: it is confident and distinctive but also natural and inspiring.







Puhdistamo has become a true pioneer in the category. Shaking up things with products like a natural energy drink or an organic kombucha cola, they’ve opened people’s eyes to endless opportunities of upgrading their wellbeing. In Finland, Puhdistamo has become a household name. And the numbers speak for themselves: their sales have over doubled in only three years.

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