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Lokal is a pioneering concept store and gallery in downtown Helsinki. In 2012, the city was celebrating the year as the design capital of the world but Helsinki was still lacking a venue that showcases the finest local art, design and craftmanship. Lokal was founded to fill the void. And like the name implies, everything in the store is made in Helsinki or nearby.

People quickly learnt to love the homey atmosphere of the gallery, and Lokal established itself as a significant cultural player: the curator of best creative work as well as a facilitator and agent for up-and-coming designers and artists. In 2017, their work was awarded with the prestigious Finnish State Prize in Design.

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The art of craftsmanship

The Kuudes-made identity has stood the test of time: the quirky combination of different lettertypes on a clear white surface is still as relevant as ever. The identity reflects the products that bring people to Lokal: hand-made objects made to last a lifetime.

Letters on the loose

Lokal’s own lifestyle label, Lokal Kollektion, boasts homeware and other products made for a simply better life. The individual letters tie the collection together and bring a finishing touch to the elegant packaging.

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Piëtke Visser
Creative Director
+358 40 558 4090