Fazer Pies

Packaging design for iconic pasties

Food & Drink
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Contemporary design
that honours heritage

As Finnish as it gets

Rice pasties are a Finnish specialty with deep Karelian roots. These pastries still play an important role in everyday Finnish life as a quick snack or a savoury treat served with homemade egg butter when friends come over. Fazer’s pasties are, of course, baked in Lappeenranta, in the heart of South Karelia.

Kuudes was commissioned to redesign the packaging for Fazer’s pastries in order to realise the desired brand position. We wanted to give them a modern flair with a twist that stems from the long tradition of these baked goods.


Design that leaves its mark

The main element of the packaging is a stylised stamp with the name and other key information about the product. The earthy material and the classic stamp refer to the long baking heritage, whereas the clean white space and the youthful polka dot pattern bring the look into the present. The pattern helps customers find their favourite variety easily, and the window allows them to peek inside, as there is no reason to hide these artisan delights.

The result is a design that matches the high-quality product and stands out from the more industrial-looking alternatives on the shelf.

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