Duddjot Exhibition

Identity that celebrates Sámi craftsmanship

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A showcase of a vibrant indiginous culture


Handmade and authentic

Duddjot (craft in Northern Sámi) was an exhibition held in the autumn of 2019 at Institut finlandais in Paris. With works by several Sámi artisans and artistis, such as Outi Pieski and Marja Helander, the exhibition focused on Sámi culture and handicraft, also known as duodji. Craftsmanship has always been an essential part of the Sámi way of life, strongly intertwining with their everyday life and the surrounding nature. The exhibition identity and publication had to reflect this strong focus on the fabrication process, which requires a strong knowledge of natural materials, and understanding of how to make use of them in the best possible way. The publication was made in close collaboration and dialogue with the Sámi community.

The identity design aims to mimic duodji craft, the handmade and the value of raw materials. The publication is designed to be a beautiful object worth investigating. Graphic repetition and patterns are used in combination with natural papers and crafty binding techniques to achieve a tactile and authentic identity. The aim was to respect and showcase the traditional look and feel of the Sámi crafts yet surprise visitors with a fresh perspective. Colours used in the publication are favourites, traditionally used in Sámi crafts.






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Piëtke Visser
Creative Director

Exhibition Photography: Katja Hagelstam
Portfolio Photography: Sofia Okkonen