Bon Orbit will be launched in autumn 2024

BON ORBIT – Design strategy, visual and verbal identity, website and application design

Creating a circular ingredient brand from scratch.

Repurposing the material performance of worn-out products. 

Bon Orbit, a visionary circular company, has evolved from groundbreaking recycling initiatives pioneered by Svensk Däckåtervinning AB (SDAB) in Sweden. In collaboration with dynamic partners, SDAB has established itself as a leading force in recycling, dealing with the 90,000 tons of end-of-life tyres generated annually. From this foundation, Bon Orbit emerges as a key player in repurposing materials from worn-out products, starting with tyres. By finding optimal applications for these materials, Bon Orbit not only maximises their technical qualities but also actively contributes to reducing the environmental impact of discarded resources. 


To begin with, Kuudes helped the Bon Orbit team to set the foundation of the new brand – the concept, positioning, brand persona as well as the naming logic of the different products. In a two-day Brand Lab, we started by clarifying the role of the brand in the market. The concept was done by identifying the target groups and what they are trying to achieve with the new refined material. We worked on the key benefits as well as the evidence that makes them believe in the materials.

Role in the market

We’re a material innovation company, propelling recycled resources to greater worth by igniting demand in novel applications. 

Visual and verbal identity

The visual and verbal identity radiates performance and innovation. It’s a fresh approach in the categories of repurposed materials, such as asphalt, concrete, water purification and moulded products. The identity draws inspiration from the visual culture of sports, where performance is key, but also from companies disrupting their industries towards a decarbonised future.




Co-creating the website

In this project, we engaged in a closer collaboration with the client utilising their design capabilities. The client took the lead in creating the initial wireframe and content structure in Figma, from which Kuudes proceeded to develop and finalise the website design before handing it over to the technical partner. 

Showcasing the materials, their applications, and performance aspects are the cornerstones of the new Bon Orbit website. Through storytelling, sophisticated layouts and high-quality visual assets, the repurposed materials are presented as premium products adding value across various applications. These materials provide desirable performance features including thermal insulation and sound absorption. 

“Kuudes has shown both a genuine interests well as a capacity to understand our business and market. In a multifaceted environment they have identified the essence to communicate to realise value. The commitment of the staff is unprecedented.”

– Fredrik Ardefors CEO, Svensk Däckåtervinning

For more information:

Michael Biaudet
Country Manager, Senior Strategist
+46 702 605 248