People behind the project: Suunto

Meet the insightful Kuudes team that helped Suunto make an ambitious entrance to a new business area.

With the pandemic accelerating interest towards outdoor sports, Suunto, the adventurer’s favourite brand, identified gravel cycling as one of the sports with the most business potential for them. Kuudes was tasked to set Suunto up for a solid start in this new category. By combining foresight, quantitative and qualitative research and service design methods, our team helped Suunto gain a comprehensive understanding of gravel cyclists’ needs – today and tomorrow.

Saara Järvinen, Senior Insight Strategist

Role in the project:

Saara was in charge of qualitative insight, foresight, and strategic conclusions in this project. She facilitated a future foresight workshop with the client, did desktop research on Suunto’s competitors, conducted user interviews, and together with her Kuudes colleagues analysed and crystallised the results while taking into account all the input from the quantitative study and service design process. 

“I love working on projects with an international scope and high ambitions from the client. It was a fun project where we worked tightly side by side with our wonderful client and my Kuudes colleagues.”

Terhi Hyvönen, Insight Specialist

Role in the project:

Terhi was responsible for quantitative research conducted in 4 different markets. These insights were analyzed and combined together with the qualitative study and foresight in order to define the target group and build a strong basis for product development.

“It was very inspiring to be a part of a project where the client truly wanted to have a deep and thorough understanding of the category and the target group, already in the early stages of product and solution development. This approach built a strong basis for their new business case. It was also very insightful and fun to work closely with the client and do for example the interviews and analysis together with them.”

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