BARA BÅBA – Naming, brand identity, packaging design

Your bubbly buddy

Naming and brand concept for a Swedish bubble tea company

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s as a tea-based drink and has since become a global phenomenon. Today, this delightful drink can be made with either tea or coffee as its base, but its distinguishing feature is still the chewy tapioca pearls.
Bara Båba is a Swedish company from Malmö, with a mission to shake up the bubble tea scene with their freshly made, cold brewed bewerages. Unlike traditional bubble tea kiosks found in supermalls, Bara Båba aims to make bubble tea accessible in supermarkets, kiosks, and vending machines. Their vision is to introduce this beverage to a broader audience by offering it in convenient, ready-to-drink cans, addressing a market gap where only a few Asian brands are currently available.

Innovating the Bubble Tea category with a fresh canned version

Kuudes was set out to create a brand concept for a new brand in the indulgence category. The initial task involved delving deep into the soft drinks segment within the snacking category to gain insights on how to differentiate this brand from others in the same category. Our starting point was somewhat unique, as bubble tea in the Swedish market has only been available as freshly made drinks in kiosks and small cafes within shopping malls, with only a few canned versions available. Most of these canned versions were imported from Asia and contained mainly artificial ingredients and powder milk.
Recognising a market gap, we saw an opportunity to introduce a bubble tea that emphasises authenticity and natural ingredients, differentiating it from competitors. The brand highlights its Swedish origins and the use of real milk and fruits, while an important quality mark and competitive edge is its preparation from cold-brewed tea and coffee.

A Swedish twist to the name

The name “Bara Båba” was crafted through a playful wordplay, incorporating the unique “å” letter from the Swedish alphabet to visualise the boba-pearls. This name is easy to pronounce and also adds an element of fun, as both words begin with the same letter. The utilisation of the “å” letter also adds a playful touch and connects the brand to its Nordic roots and origin.

Authentic Simplicity with a Playful Spin

In contrast to many Bubble Tea brands in the market with a strong Asian “kawaii” aesthetic, we aimed to stand out. Our goal was to cultivate an identity rooted in Nordic simplicity, showcasing authentic flavours through the packaging colours. Simultaneously, we aimed to convey the message of a fun and flavourful indulgence drink, while avoiding an overly childish tone.
The brand promise, “Your Bubbly Buddy, freshly brewed and bursting with flavour,” emphasises indulgence and freshness, highlighting the use of real ingredients such as Swedish milk, real fruits, cold-brewed tea, and coffee.

To enhance the playful aspect, we introduced a mascot to the identity named “Bubbly Buddy”


“Collaborating with Kuudes has been an enriching experience. From conceptualising our brand’s essence to meticulously crafting our product packaging, their expertise and guidance have been instrumental. Their dedication to excellence has resulted in a brand identity that resonates deeply with our vision and values.”

– Huong Do, Founder of Bara Båba

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