Arla Pehmoinen

Delicate design for a delicate taste

Food & Drink
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Sometimes, just a hint is enough

Striking a happy medium

The yogurt aisle is dominated by two product types: plain, natural yogurts, and flavoured – but in people’s eyes – sugary ones. Arla spotted a business opportunity lurking in between: could they conjure up something new and exciting that combines the best of both worlds?

We studied consumers’ relationships with yogurt: how they like it and when. The work validated Arla’s initial idea: people expect fresh, new tastes. To respond to this demand, they created a product range with just a hint of flavour: Arla Pehmoinen (Finnish for mellow or soft). The whiff of chamomile or blackcurrant leaf in the natural yogurt creates a delicate yet sumptuous taste.

Taste and design perfectly in tune

As we’ve said, this product is not your usual breakfast yogurt, which meant that we needed to articulate the concept in a crisp and clear manner through the packaging design. The overall feeling had to be light and classical, just like the natural taste of the product.

Its botanical identity stood out as the consumer favourite. It redeems the promise of naturalness with its unpretentious and lucid layout. Ossi Hiekkala created the vintage herbarium-inspired illustrations that tell the story of a delightfully fresh, high-quality product – a classic from birth.


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