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Nice cream of pure goodness

Can you eat ice cream with a good conscience? Now you can.

Pakkasmarja had created an entirely new kind of product, like a powdery smooth and stone-cold parfait. Best of all, 72 % of the product is just healthy, non-heated local berries – keeping all the vitamins inside. Pakkasmarja contacted Kuudes with a challenge; how can we design and launch this novelty product in a way that consumers really understand the uniqueness of it and find it desirable?

The product concept development relied heavily on consumer insight and co-creating with potential customers. We chose the most appropriate segments from Kuudes’ Informed Consumer tool and took their desires, motives, hopes, and frequent pain points as the guiding principles for the development work.

However, what is it? An indulgent snack or a substitute for something else? No, we positioned the new product as “a nice cream”, a healthy delicacy that you can up without feeling bad about yourself.

Painting with berries

Since the product itself is almost purely berries, we decided to do the same with the design and painted all the illustrations with them! The contemporary, crisp design speaks to our target groups and communicates the unique selling points in a crystal clear manner. Even the name, Marja (Berry), couldn’t say it more as it is. The colourful dots, painted with blueberries, raspberries and other fresh ingredients, are bound to catch your eye. Paired together with the handwriting, they create a design that is elegantly playful, welcoming you for an indulging moment without a bad conscience.

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