ANTON&ANTON – Commercial concept, brand strategy, brand identity, packaging design

Delicious journey to new markets

Rebranding beloved boutique brand to delectable ready-made meals


Anton&Anton, originally established as a boutique grocery store, positioned itself as a soulful alternative to large supermarket chains. This cherished brand, boasting a loyal fan base in Southern Helsinki and exceptionally tasty products, faced challenges in sustaining its brick-and-mortar stores and home delivery service. Seizing the opportunity, we embarked on a journey to first redesign their commercial concept and then rebrand Anton&Anton to align with their new strategic direction.

Anton&Anton made the strategic decision to shut down its boutique stores and proprietary home delivery service, shifting focus entirely to the burgeoning convenience food sector.

The market dynamics had shifted significantly during the pandemic, necessitating a careful strategy to carve out a new market position that would enable Anton&Anton to thrive beyond the capital area, where brand recognition was minimal. The end result of the project was to recalibrate the pricing strategy to slightly lower price points, impacting the overall brand positioning.

Visual identity


Satisfying experiences and good food go hand in hand with colour. A rich, saturated, and irresistible colour palette is the cornerstone of the Anton&Anton rebranding. The objective of the visual language was to appeal to the hidden foodie in every consumer.

The contemporary yet crafted packaging suggests that even a quick ready-made meal could be a delicious affair. Each meal offering was carefully paired with a distinct base color and illustration to communicate the ingredients at a glance. The tailored illustration style is playful and rough around the edges, as it so often is when food is prepared by hand. Bon appétit!

“Our collaboration with Kuudes has been a pleasure. The process has been challenging, creative, and healthy, thanks to their talented team! We at Anton & Anton have appreciated their ability to listen and handle our cherished brand with care, while simultaneously identifying opportunities for renewal without compromising its essence. We have always loved Anton & Anton’s color and design, but now we are at the next level and very pleased with the result!”

– Andrea Hasselblatt,
CEO, Anton&Anton

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