Focus this month: Post-materialism & Meaningfulness

As the new year rolled in, many of us took the time to reflect on the ups and downs of 2022 and our hopes for 2023. For an increasing number of people, those hopes are more focused on intangible things like authenticity and connection instead of material goods – all part of a larger shift that moves us away from mindless consuming.

What’s this force of change all about?

The story of what is meaningful and desirable is being re-written. The continuous demand for something better is being replaced by a yearning for purpose – something lasting that defines us and our relationship to the world itself in a more profound way. This search goes beyond the material and shapes our thoughts about social life, too. Instead of multiple contacts, we seek connection and belonging, a sense of shared values and actions.

Why now?

During the pandemic, we had to give up many experiences that had previously defined who we were. It was hard, but we adapted.

Amid all the change and chaos, we even managed to find deeper meaning and new ways of self-expression. We have learned to expect more – we want to have an active role in shaping our lives and creating our own experiences.

What’s in it for me?

As people embrace these new priorities, it will be harder to get their attention. In order to provide something truly meaningful, brands must help people look within themselves and find connection with others.

Can you help people live according to their values and overcome the challenges and frustrations of their daily lives? Can you offer self-created and self-defined experiences? Can you offer deep diving instead of superficial skimming, mastering skills instead of multi-tasking, silence instead of noise? If you can, people might give you what is the most valuable to them: their time.

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