Kuudes Recruitment Privacy Notice

Updated 17.8.2022

1. Controller
2. The person in charge of register issues or data protection contact person
3. The purpose and legal basis of processing personal data
4. Content of the register
5. Sources of data
6. Sharing the data
7. Transfer of data outside the EU or the EEA
8. Security measures
9. Individual rights
10. Updating the privacy notice
1. Controllers

For Kuudes job applicants in Finland and Sweden:

Kuudes Kerros Helsinki Oy (1873202-3)
Tehtaankatu 27–29 D
00150 Helsinki, Finland

For Kuudes job applicants in Sweden:

Kuudes Stockholm AB (559085-1043)
Tomtebogatan 5, BV
113 39 Stockholm, Sweden

2. The person in charge of register issues or data protection contact person

Terhi Hyvönen, dataprotection@kuudes.com

3. The purpose and legal basis of processing personal data

The purpose of the register is to process and store job applications received by Kuudes Helsinki and Kuudes Stockholm. The applicant can apply directly to a specific position or leave an open application to jobs@kuudes.com.

The purpose of processing is to:

• fill job vacancies
Kuudes processes personal data to fill vacant job openings or offering employment for job applicants who leave open applications. The processing of personal data is necessary for taking steps to entering into an employment contract.

• acquiring additional details for application
Kuudes may contact job applicants’ references or review other external sources to acquire additional details for a job application to determine if the applicant is suitable for the position. The processing of personal data is based on the consent of the job applicant.

• offering job for job applicants who have applied previously
Kuudes may retain job applicants’ personal data for conducting the recruitment process and communication with the applicants who have applied previously and who were not hired. The processing is based on Kuudes’ legitimate interests to hire suitable personnel for new vacancies.

• improving recruitment processes
Kuudes may process personal data to analyse job applications to improve recruitment process. The processing is based on Kuudes’ legitimate interest to make its recruitment process faster and finding more suitable applicants for its vacancies.

Information provided by the applicant is stored for the following two calendar years after the application year (e.g. all applications sent during the year of 2019 can be stored until 31 December 2021) and applications can be handled for recruitment purposes for also other positions at Kuudes. Information is confidential and only available for Kuudes employees who participate in the recruiting process.

4. Content of the register

The applicant is responsible for the data they share with the controller. Kuudes does not require the data subject to provide any information unnecessary to the recruitment. The applicants decide what information they want to share in their applications.

The register can contain following information about the applicant:

General information
contact information (home address, email addresses, phone numbers)
date of birth or personal identification number
language skills
health information (if applicable to the applicant & only if provided by the applicant)
communication towards the applicant
Information related to the employment

Cover letter and CV
education level and certifications
information about previous work experience
skills and knowledge
portfolio of previous work
social media content (only by consent)
results of personality suitability tests
salary and benefit requests
preferred location of employment
additional free form information and attachments provided by the applicant during the recruitment process
work permit, credit information and criminal record (if applicable)

5. Sources of data

Information that is stored in Kuudes recruitment register is provided by applicants, for example via email, website/physical forms, phone/personal conversations, job application videos.

We can collect data from 3rd parties, for example, people you have listed as your references or companies providing recruitment services.

6. Sharing the data

For some recruitment processes Kuudes might use external recruitment partner to help us with the data processing, interviews or personality suitability tests. In these cases we inform the applicants about the processing. The data is shared with a password protection and our partners are committed to process the data by Kuudes data protection guidelines, and they are bound by obligation to only process data for purposes determined by Kuudes.

7. Transfer of data outside the EU or the EEA

Personal data is not transferred outside the EU or the EEA.

8. Security measures

Job applications are stored and handled with Microsoft softwares.

All personal data in Kuudes recruitment register is stored confidentially. Only employees of Kuudes Kerros Helsinki Oy and Kuudes Stockholm AB that participate in the recruitment process have access to the jobs@kuudes.com account and data.

9. Individual rights

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, data subjects have the following rights regarding their personal data:

• Right of access to their personal data
• Right to request the controller to rectify incomplete or incorrect personal data
• Right to object to or restrict the processing of personal data
• Right to not be subject to solely automated decision-making which produces legal effects or affect significantly
• Right to cancel consent given for data processing
• Right to request the controller to erase personal data
• Right to transfer personal data to another controller
• Right to lodge a complaint to data protection supervisory authority

If the data subject wishes to exercise their rights, they should contact the controller via email dataprotection@kuudes.com. Kuudes will use all reasonably available resources to respond to any such request without undue delay. Principally we will carry out your request within a month. Limitations prescribed in applicable law may apply regarding the exercise of some of the data subjects above rights.

10. Updating the privacy notice

We are constantly developing our business which may lead to changes relating to our processing of Personal Data. We will update this privacy notice to reflect any such changes made. Changes may also be based on changes in applicable legislation. We recommend that you review this privacy notice regularly.