Humanity & belonging


Belonging to an entity bigger than ourselves gives us meaning, be it a co-living unit, suburban community, or a global human rights movement.

Socially responsible companies help us feel rooted even through our consumption choices. The unstoppable power of this trend is in its capacity to create wellbeing.

How has this trend evolved: From exclusive tribes to powerful communities

2016 — Experiences define my tribe

Our identities and communities were defined by the experiences we were chasing. The goal was to prove that we belong to a specific tribe and stand out from the rest.

2021 — Importance of social connections

The crisis made it clear how important meaningful relationships are to our wellbeing. And we witnessed the power of communities in the accelerated global shifts and movements.

2026 — Humanity and belonging

We value human connection more than ever and want to have a positive effect in the lives of others. The communities we belong to are not just a question of identity, but of meaning. Social aspects will become a crucial part of sustainability.


“More and more people are interested in civil participation. It has to do with social media and the new generation. Being on the streets, discussing problems. They are not taboos. Hush hush culture is a thing of the previous generation”

– Jasmina Amzil, director, lecturer

“A survey conducted by the Female Quotient, Ipsos, and Google found that 64% of the respondents took some sort of action after seeing an ad that they considered to be diverse or inclusive. (N = 2987)”

Think with Google, 2019

How does this trend manifest itself?

What’s Next: From me to you

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What’s Next: Universal design is good design

Creating accessible services for everyone is not just about following legislation or the latest trends in technology. It’s about designing experiences that give meaning and connect all kinds of people on the same, equal level. If accessibility isn’t the norm in everything your business is doing, then it should be from now on.

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kuudes what's next changemakers feedWhat’s Next: Supporting the real changemakers

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