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Creating a user-centered learning and teaching experience

Otava is well-known for its effective and versatile learning materials, but it was time for Otava Learning to start renewing their digital products for primary schools in Finland. Additionally, there was a need to develop the technical platform of the products and refine the content creation processes.
Kuudes acted as the design partner for the ambitious renewal project: our tasks included customer insight, co-creation, concept design, UX/UI design, user testing, and collaboratively crafting the vision for digital user experience with Otava’s team.
We operate as part of an agile multi-vendor team that includes both product design and software development. As part of this team, we also support the organization in developing a user- and product-centric operational culture. The project aimed not only to renovate digital products but also to shape a holistic learning experience.


From the beginning, we emphasized the importance of actively engaging end-users – including students and teachers – in the design process. In addition, we worked closely with product owners, content teams, and software developers to ensure feasible, sustainable solutions and their successful implementation.



Customer Insight 


Concept Design

UX-/UI Design

Co-development with students, teachers, and the content team

The end-users of digital products for primary schools include both teachers and young students. To ensure that the user experience of the final products serves these diverse users, we engaged various groups in the design process.
We visited several primary schools in three different cities and facilitated co-development workshops for children, where they were involved in developing their own future learning materials. These workshops empowered elementary school children to actively contribute to the creation of their future learning materials alongside our team, thereby translating their ideas and needs into tangible solutions.
Additionally, we interviewed teachers and leveraged a digital community of educators to gather insights and validate our solutions.
A content creation panel participated in developing the content creation tool through interviews and co-development workshops.





Coherent and visual user experience

One of our key objectives was to establish a foundation for a cohesive user experience in digital environments. A new visual concept for digital products in primary schools, a shared UI library, and a design system were designed to meet the needs of scalable business.
The new visual concept aims to spark curiosity and courage in exploring the future and the world, while also fostering a broader understanding of its diversity. It inspires children to embrace fearlessness and openness to new possibilities, nurturing a strong passion for learning and discovering new ideas.
The new accessible color palette is vibrant and adventurous, reflecting the playful spirit of children themselves.





Clear overall concept

A concept designed with and validated by users, including service promise, prototype, and metrics for user experience for each part of the service.

Improved usability

The new UI library, design system, and visual identity were implemented across all services, and user testing has shown improved usability across all parts of the service.

User-centered culture

Processes, metrics, and models documented through co-development support the organization in embedding  a user-centric approach into all parts of product design.


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