At this point, we dare to call 2020 a wrap. Just like for everyone else, year 2020 was far from typical for us at Kuudes. Most importantly, we managed to adapt quickly to new ways of working and taking care of the safety of each other.

From a business perspective, we grew both in terms of the sales margin and the number of personnel. A super warm welcome to all new people of Kuudes: Head of Digital Design Team Jonna, Digital Designers Elina, Lisa and Anssi, Service Designers Anniina, Emilia and Maria, Project Lead Juha, Chief People Officer Heljä, and our Tech Lead & System Architect Jukka.

The amount of new people as well as their titles may reveal that our clients know that now or never it is the time to develop existing business and create new. Creative business design is the tool for sustainable growth, both in usual and unusual times.

2020 also really showed the meaning of coming together. That’s why we made a donation to Gubbe, offering companionship for a lonely senior citizen, and a meaningful one-year part-time job for a young person. You will hear more from them during the upcoming year.

A big thank you to all our friends, clients and partners. We wish you relaxing holidays, and hope that you are able to load your batteries and approach 2021 with new vigour and grit.