We need to act now!


kuudes next we need to act now

The future livability of our planet is defined during our lifetime, by us. The Covid crisis has made people more aware of how fragile our current lifestyle is, and what a huge impact we all have.

We are growing tired of the slowness of our governments to handle the environmental crisis, and therefore turning towards companies. Now, we can see the effects of war that has forced significant leaps towards replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy.

How has this trend evolved: From cool green to increased urgency and sustainable innovation

2016 — Cool Green

Sustainable campaigns and pilot trials were something new and exciting, but still seen relevant mainly for a niche target group.

2021 — Clarified priorities

The crisis has concretized the vulnerability of our existence and made bigger masses want to live according to their values.

2026 — We need to act now

We are witnessing the effects of the climate crisis. Large companies put sustainability in the core of their actions and really walk the talk.


“In 2025, carbon footprints will be viewed as socially unacceptable, much like drunk driving is today.”

– World Economic Forum 2020

“A company should be able to justify its existence in the society it operates in. It should have a mission on this planet.”

– Arto O. Salonen, adjunct professor



How does this trend manifest itself?

kuudes what's next august upgradingWhat’s Next: Upgrading instead of re-launching

Consumers are continuing to grow wearier of the amount of waste their daily choices end up producing and with rising costs, the temptation to buy new is declining. Smart brands will now start upgrading instead of continuously bringing out the next new fad. Upgrading = improvement, but without the guilt of waste.

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