Kuudes Stockholm enjoys working with ambitious companies – of all sizes. Our workshop methodology provides a streamlined approach to insight-based brand positioning, even for small companies. 

Case: Steele & Borough

Steele & Borough is a Stockholm-based fashion brand that we’ve had the privilege to coach. The company designs and sells multi-purpose bags for everyday use, work, the gym or the city. Sales are focused on its own website and retailers’ online stores, and they rely heavily on social media channels for marketing. The company’s challenge was to understand its target group and define a clear brand positioning.

Product image for Steele & Borough

Customer insight together with the client 

The project was carried out in close cooperation with the client. With the help of background materials, we outlined the market and the target group together with the client. Our Informed Consumer study helped us to define the right target groups for the category and to understand consumers’ values, attitudes and motives. With the help of our Kuudes Next strategic foresight model, we outlined key consumer trends. 

What makes our methodology efficient and fruitful, is that we guide the client to doing much of the insight work themselves. After the first workshop, the client conducted interviews with their current customers, which truly opened their eyes to the strengths and weaknesses of the brand – and to completely new differentiation opportunities. 

Crystalisation and end result

Using interview analysis, background work and insights Kuudes sketched the first directions for the brand’s position, which we discussed and worked on together with the client in the next workshop. The end result was a crystallised brand positioning, including the most important key messages.

The things we achieved with Kuudes in a couple of days were very beneficial and something we should have done in the first place. Kuudes helped us to draw a big picture, set a foundation for our positioning, and create clarity in how we stand out from competitors. This helped us set a foundation for the key messages used in our communication.”

Catherine Nilson, Co-founder – Steele & Borough


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